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March 2024 Real Estate Update in Queen Creek


Queen Creek Housing Market Conditions

Source for monthly Queen Creek Housing Market Conditions. Information is power. Facts not fiction from the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

On a price per-square foot average (see charts below):

Prices keep bouncing up and down but generally going higher

March 2024 began with listings at 141% of the 3 year average of 259 (from 2021-2023). 

February’s sales were at 86% of the 3 year average of 144 (from 2021-2023).

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Information Source

March 15, 2024 10:16 pm

Queen Creek is currently turning over housing inventory once every 2.8 months

Queen Creek Housing Market Conditions Updated for March 2024

To reduce data errors results are based on:                                                                                                

  1. Queen Creek SOLD single family residences, patio homes, and townhomes (ask us about condos)

  2. List/sales price under $1,000,000

  3. Size over 1,000 sq ft.

  4. Calendar month

5 YEARS of sales data below will increase your understanding the local housing market (we have city data archived back to January 2008).MonthTotal ActiveTotal Sold% SoldMO. INV.Sq ftPriceDOM$$ sq ft+/- List PriceActive # Foreclo.% Active Foreclo.Sold Foreclo.% Sold Foreclo.Mar-24364 00.0% Feb-2434312436.2%2.82,330$607,46292$261-$6,60100.0%00.0%Jan-243638122.3%4.52,400$624,25980$260-$7,24600.0%00.0%Queen Creek Housing Market Conditions 2023Dec-233829224.1%4.22,424$609,27472$251-$8,95000.0%00.0%Nov-233758622.9%4.42,410$636,21465$264-$6,74900.0%00.0%Oct-233499426.9%3.72,514$639,13368$254-$6,69200.0%00.0%Sep-2332912136.8%2.72,501$625,81079$250-$10,60200.0%10.8%Aug-2331612338.9%2.62,500$610,27377$244-$8,44200.0%00.0%Jul-2332311435.3%2.82,502$605,57079$242-$8,41000.0%00.0%Jun-2330116655.1%1.82,553$610,68981$239-$6,00000.0%10.6%May-2333717752.5%1.92,521$607,28185$241-$8,12900.0%00.0%Apr-2337215541.7%2.42,456$588,55196$240 00.0%10.6%Mar-2342716939.6%2.52,422$579,72987$239 00.0%00.0%Feb-2343511726.9%3.72,351$567,21096$241 00.0%00.0%Jan-234548719.2%5.22,402$574,27194$239 00.0%00.0%Queen Creek Housing Market Conditions 2022Dec-225088717.1%5.82,551$587,32772$230 00.0%00.0%Nov-225129418.4%5.42,392$601,56271$251 00.0%00.0%Oct-2253811421.2%4.72,388$599,74852$251 00.0%10.9%Sep-2251111021.5%4.62,405$605,56149$252 00.0%00.0%Aug-2248812024.6%4.12,534$635,42445$251 00.0%00.0%Jul-2235812033.5%3.02,472$656,35231$266 00.0%00.0%Jun-2226016663.8%1.62,444$655,62632$268 00.0%00.0%May-22145162111.7%0.92,340$631,61225$270 00.0%00.0%Apr-2284153182.1%0.52,292$610,54025$266 00.0%00.0%Mar-2265203312.3%0.32,314$597,94428$258 00.0%10.5%Feb-2281139171.6%0.62,355$591,41834$251 00.0%00.0%Jan-22120129107.5%0.92,300$560,64231$244 00.0%00.0%Queen Creek Housing Market Conditions 2021Dec-21142213150.0%0.72,454$589,03333$240 00.0%00.0%Nov-21141192136.2%0.72,296$544,88031$237 00.0%00.0%Oct-21152179117.8%0.82,509$589,89032$235 00.0%00.0%Sep-21144205142.4%0.72,336$544,85322$233 00.0%00.0%Aug-21171176102.9%1.02,272$531,58426$234 00.0%00.0%Jul-21107179167.3%0.62,383$536,66720$225 00.0%00.0%Jun-2187203233.3%0.42,419$528,98821$219 00.0%00.0%May-2168157230.9%0.42,531$544,02622$215 00.0%00.0%Apr-2158183315.5%0.32,337$491,40231$210 00.0%00.0%Mar-2157169296.5%0.32,412$478,84928$199 00.0%10.6%Feb-2170122174.3%0.62,498$464,00434$186 11.4%00.0%Jan-2165121186.2%0.52,560$476,08040$186 00.0%00.0%Queen Creek Housing Market Conditions 2020Dec-2096208216.7%0.52,385$451,77231$189 00.0%00.0%Nov-20134214159.7%0.62,486$447,87426$180 10.7%00.0%Oct-20149198132.9%0.82,417$434,57240$180 00.0%10.5%Sep-20166232139.8%0.72,541$441,31243$174 21.2%20.9%Aug-20153220143.8%0.72,521$429,37344$170 00.0%00.0%Jul-20162259159.9%0.62,524$411,13955$163 10.6%00.0%Jun-20296352118.9%0.82,528$410,80856$163 00.0%10.3%May-2028816256.3%1.82,429$391,02449$161 10.3%00.0%Apr-2031816551.9%1.92,541$414,94545$163 10.3%00.0%Mar-2021517380.5%1.22,558$407,19156$159 00.0%00.0%Feb-2025314758.1%1.72,625$396,46255$151 00.0%00.0%Jan-2025113654.2%1.82,452$380,19965$155 10.4%00.0%Queen Creek Housing Market Conditions 2019Dec-1927517162.2%1.62,499$386,21071$155 00.0%10.6%Nov-1929113947.8%2.12,439$359,67554$147 00.0%21.4%Oct-1929917658.9%1.72,540$373,06655$147 10.3%31.7%Sep-1930016856.0%1.82,512$367,34745$146 10.3%21.2%Aug-1929022075.9%1.32,493$375,89059$151 20.7%00.0%Jul-1929522275.3%1.32,549$363,47162$143 20.7%31.4%Jun-1933619156.8%1.82,499$363,92557$146 41.2%10.5%May-1937022159.7%1.72,526$373,84071$148 51.4%41.8%Apr-1935116847.9%2.12,386$353,07363$148 41.1%00.0%Mar-1936716244.1%2.32,391$360,08764$151 30.8%10.6%Feb-1933711534.1%2.92,487$363,99483$146 20.6%21.7%Jan-192948629.3%3.42,496$349,23458$140 10.3%00.0%

Table Explanation

NOTE: we use the term “foreclosure” to describe bank owned homes and short sales because most people are familiar with it. “Distressed Properties” may be more accurate.

  1. Total Active – # of homes for sale at the beginning of the current month

  2. Total Sold – # of homes sold in the current month

  3. % Sold – a ratio of total sold to total active

  4. MO. INV. – based on total sold, how many months it would take to sell the total “active” inventory

  5. Sq ft – average square footage of sold homes

  6. Price – average sales price of sold homes

  7. DOM – Days On Market, or average days to sale

  8. $ sq ft – average price per square foot

  9. +/- List Price – the average dollars received by sellers above or below their average list prices

  10. Active # Foreclo. – # distressed properties for sale at beginning of month

  11. % Active Foreclo. – active # distressed properties expressed as a %

  12. Sold Foreclo. – # distressed properties sold in current month

  13. % Sold Foreclo. – # distressed properties expressed as a %

About Queen Creek

State: Arizona County: Maricopa Location: Queen Creek ZIP or Postal Code(s): 85140, 85142, 85143

Queen Creek Fast Facts

  1. Population of 39,846 in 2017 making it the 12 largest city in Metro Phoenix and 22nd in the state.

  2. About 29 square miles in size

  3. Queen Creek desires to be a community different from others in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. The Town’s vision is to provide a quality community environment with a focus on enhancing our equestrian, historic, environmental, economic, cultural, physical, architectural, and aesthetic amenities (Queen Creek General Plan 2017).

  4. Quick access to Phoenix–Mesa Gateway Airport

Bookmark our page as your personal resource for Queen Creek Housing Market Conditions. Monthly updates for the Queen Creek Real Estate Market. We want to be your realtors in Queen Creek and help you find Queen Creek homes for sale.


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